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Individuals in these positions are paid on an hourly basis. State staff are located at the University and county agents are located in each of the ten counties. Extension Educators have as their responsibility the assessment, development and implementation of continuing non-formal education programs for the people of New Hampshire. They hold appointments in one of the following ranks: In most instances staff members having formal teaching or research assignments in addition to their Cooperative Extension responsibilities will hold faculty appointment. These exempt positions are paid on a salaried basis. Temporary, Non-Benefits-Eligible Departments occasionally have a need for temporary help and may post their temporary positions on our online employment site. Benefits overview and enrollment process is presented at orientation and is time-sensitive relative to the effective date of the benefits. New employees are not scheduled for orientation and benefits enrollment until after the EPAF is processed. How to establish computer and email accounts for new employees:

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Anyone who has spent even half a second following HR trends knows that Big Data is a hot topic. Big Data, for anyone who may not be aware, is essentially the multitude of information available through our digital activities and habits that can be harnessed to make predictions about what we might do next…. Just as all of this data is available to companies to assist them in operating more efficiently, the answers at our fingertips can make more efficient and help us to make better, more informed decisions in a fraction of the time it used to.

More data equals better answers, in theory. But then the author warned of the downside of this kind of data efficiency. In discussing the marvel of modern dating apps and how they can make the whole process of dating more efficient…no awkward small talk with strangers at parties or bars, and algorithms that send seemingly great matches right to your phone…he also recognized that there was probably no algorithm in the world that would have matched him with his wife.

United Parcel Services, the 7th Circuit appellate court upheld a no-dating policy that forbade managers from a romantic relationship with any hourly employee, as long as it was consistently enforced.

Using a sample employee disciplinary memo to write your own memo can help you find the words to say what must be said in a professional and clear manner. However, when using a disciplinary memo template, be sure your finished document is in compliance with your company’s policies and follows a standard business memo format. Sample Employee Disciplinary Memo If you need to write a disciplinary memo, consider using the sample document below as a guide.

Of course, it will need to be edited to meet your needs based on the specific situation with which you are dealing, but it does provide a good starting point. Click the image to open the printable PDF template in a separate window and save it to your hard drive. Fill in pertinent information to save your changes, and you’ll have the first draft for your memo. If you have any issues working with the document, see this guide for Adobe printables.

Click to download a sample disciplinary memo. Disciplinary Memo Purposes A disciplinary memo serves more than one purpose.

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Here’s how to avoid the ridesharing giant’s fate. Getty Images One of the common misperceptions of Human Resources Departments is that they are there to protect and advocate for the employees. They should be there to protect and advocate for the employees because happy employees are necessary for a business to succeed. That doesn’t mean that HR should always take the employee’s side. They should take the overall picture of employee happiness into consideration.

A: There are numerous ethical issues involved in an owner or CEO or, really, any manager dating an employee. You and your partner need to see your attorney as well as an HR expert, but first you.

Their employees work in more countries than before, often do jobs that are more specialized, must collaborate with each other more than they did five years ago to complete the same task launch an updated version of a product, say , and — given they work in more dispersed, less centralized and hierarchical structures — must compete harder for promotion opportunities too.

And, while HR teams have a harder job, they are also under pressure to do it more quickly. Working with and talking to thousands of functional executives this year, CEB staff have heard some version of the same refrain again and again: They think they must trade off making a fast decision to ensure they make the right decision.

Four will be covered in this post and four in the next post in the series. But many HR teams lack the right data, or the right ability to use it, to find such people and hire them. They must first take the time to understand and anticipate what types of skills they will need in the future; this will pay dividends later. They must also understand how to use talent analytics cost-effectively to find the people best placed to fill these roles.

And, finally, they should concentrate on non-traditional labor markets they may have overlooked in an adjacent industry, say. More complex hiring requirements have complicated recruiter workloads, recruiting processes, and hiring decisions. As a result, the average time to fill an open position is at 63 business days — 21 more days than it was five years ago.

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Dating Policy What is the best way to word a policy that discourages employees from dating one another or company affiliates such as clients or vendors, to avoid litigation? Unfortunately, we live in a highly litigious society where anyone can sue at any time for any reason, valid or not. It can be very expensive and time-consuming for a company to defend against a lawsuit, even if the company ultimately prevails.

From a liability perspective, it is not critical that a company have a written policy on dating. It IS critical that a company have a written policy prohibiting sexual harassment in the workplace.

Dating an employee, and extramarital affairs, even when the employee is not in a reporting relationship, creates serious consequences for the company. It can affect the careers of both employees with regard to advancement opportunities, choices of jobs, and assignments.

Remember the old adage about pornography? Can the same be said of office relationships? What exactly constitutes an office relationship, and what rules—if any—should be applied to one? From judges to presidents, our society finds it incredibly difficult to establish definitions for anything having to do with sex.

And, yet, sex constantly gets people in legal trouble…not to speak of other types of trouble. So, despite subjective definitions that change with each generation or new court case, workplaces need to establish and regularly update their parameters of acceptable behavior. Yes, a firm has legal obligations to protect employees from sexual harassment and hostile work environments. It also has an obligation to protect its clients and itself from conflicts of interest.

What constitutes an office relationship? Even non-sexual behavior can be unwanted or inappropriate. Consider these facts according to CareerBuilder. Even if the office prohibits them, employees need to know what precisely is prohibited. The rules need to apply fairly to all couples no matter their sexual orientation, race, or other factors such as age as long as no one is a minor—and you can never be too clear about this if you have interns.

Do consider the size and demographics of the firm when developing your policies.

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Who are your Customers? You can contact me directly if you need any helping using these templates. What file formats do the templates work in? How do I get my templates? After you make the payment, you are sent an email. What is the refund policy?

Dating In The Workplace: An Employee Relations Primer by Maren Hogan | May 8, Dating someone you work with is frequently cited by workforce experts as a very bad idea.

Elements are the building block of the payroll. If we look at a payslip, we will see different types of pay, like the basic, travel allowance, Medical allowance, deductions etc. Those are all elements. Before going ahead and creating elements, we must make sure we list down all the elements that we need, along with their names, reporting names that will appear on the pay slip , type of the element etc. There are two ways to create an element.

Use the traditional Element screen Use a template Let’s learn about the traditional way first. Using Traditional Way Before creating anything related to a date tracked table, we must date track to a date that will be able to catch all our historic information. We can use any date which is well enough in past that all our transactions could be recorded on or after that date. The most popularly used date is, JAN We must date track to that date we have decided to go with; before entering any information.

Create a new record and start filling in the details.

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Help your employees find their balance Your employees may already have a lot on their minds — from finances to relationship issues. Does this affect their ability to focus on the job? With this program, they can receive guidance and support for issues that take their attention away from your business. And that means they can be more productive, both at work and at home.

Make sure that your employees are aware of all the rules and policies regarding workplace romances as well. A policy that prohibits dating, sex, and romance entirely is not recommended. Any policy that is seen as onerous, overreaching or intrusive will just encourage stealth dating.

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The office also provides support to University employees through classification, compensation, payroll, personnel transactions, records, employee benefits, employee relations, and training and development. You will need Adobe Acrobat to view, fill-in, and print these forms. This Report includes statistics for the previous three years concerning reported crimes that occurred on campus; in certain off campus buildings or property owned or controlled by Shippensburg University; and on public property within, or immediately adjacent to and accessible from, the campus.

The report also includes institutional policies concerning campus security, such as policies concerning sexual assault, dating violence, stalking, emergency and evacuation procedures, and other matters. In addition, the Report contains statistics on fires in on campus housing facilities as well as policies, procedures, programs and practices with respect to fire safety.

The employee handbook: It sounds so routine, like something that’s been around forever and just needs a quick and easy update every year or so, a task that an .

Updated September 09, What’s love got to do with it? Quite a lot, actually. I checked out current research on workplace romance to answer Tina Turner’s proverbial question. If it’s just about sex — a dalliance, an extramarital affair or a relationship entered into with the intention of moving up the career ladder — coworkers and companies tend to frown on love relationships in the workplace.

But when a couple is genuinely serious about dating and building a relationship, popular opinion is more favorable. Her findings indicated that most respondents do not mind seeing a romance develop between two unmarried colleagues. They do object to relationships in which one or both coworkers are married to someone else, however, and they also object when the relationship is between a supervisor and his or her direct report.

From data gathered from a Vault. Workplace Romance Policies Considering the amount of time most people spend working, where else is a couple to meet?

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However, employers may have another opinion on the matter. Many employers see the idea of employees dating one another as potentially threatening productivity or even opening up too much liability for the employer. But can they prohibit it?

In a better scenario, coworkers would find it easier to claim that an employee received preferential treatment from a supervisor he or she is dating.

Can’t open the PDF? Leave Balances Biweekly paid: The leave balance on your paycheck earnings statement reflects the amount of leave you have as of the last day of the pay period for which you’re being paid. The leave balance on your paycheck earnings statement reflects the amount of leave you have at the end of the previous month. Procedures for tracking time depend on which campus the employee is on. In addition to the information below, departments may also have department-specific methods of tracking time.

Norman Time sheets for hourly and salaried Norman employees are provided in the sidebar.

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When it comes to meeting people, the office is the new village. Office relationships often also rise out of office friendships, in which mutual trust is already present. He argues that co-worker couples spend more time at work, take fewer sick days, and are less likely to quit. So why does office romance get a bad rep?

No doubt, employee dating can carry some undesired consequences: If a relationship goes sour, the breakup can lead to charges of sexual harassment, retaliation and hostile work environment claims. Other times it’s just a matter of hard feelings, and people take sides, further polarizing the workplace.

This includes citizens and noncitizens. Both employees and employers or authorized representatives of the employer must complete the form. On the form, an employee must attest to his or her employment authorization. The employee must also present his or her employer with acceptable documents evidencing identity and employment authorization. The employer must examine the employment eligibility and identity document s an employee presents to determine whether the document s reasonably appear to be genuine and to relate to the employee and record the document information on the Form I The list of acceptable documents can be found on the last page of the form.

Employers must retain Form I-9 for a designated period and make it available for inspection by authorized government officers. State agencies may use Form I Also, some agricultural recruiters and referrers for a fee may be required to use Form I Number of Pages Form 3; Supplement if applicable: Employers must have a completed Form I-9 on file for each person on their payroll who is required to complete the form.

Form I-9 must be retained and stored by the employer either for three years after the date of hire or for one year after employment is terminated, whichever is later.