KK2.0 Flight Controller – Setup and Settings

FAA Test News! For Commercial Drone Use! Setting Up Quadcopter Setting up the Quadcopter controller 1. Back motor should speed up. If not, reverse pitch elevator channel. Right motor should speed up. If not, reverse roll aileron channel. Front and back motor should speed up. If not, reverse yaw rudder channel. If this does not happen, adjust your throttle and yaw trim down and to the right on your transmitter.

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Fig 1. Introduction. I was inspired to write this document on the program and general RC Helicopter setup to help new comers to the this exciting hobby understand the basic usage and settings available in this radio and the program used to configure this versatile but greatly undocumented radio.

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In this setup we are not going to concern ourselves with mixing switches or throttle curves because those types of things really need to be left up to the individual pilots for race day. What we will cover is the basics so that you can proceed with the flight controller configuration and head out for a maiden flight. When you turn on the radio you will be brought to the welcome screen which displays the MODEL below photo , this radio has the ability for you to set up several different models for various aircraft or experimental settings for the same aircraft.

For example, if you had a racer quadcopter and a quadcopter you could setup a model for each and change between model names depending on which quadcopter you wanted to fly.

RC Pro Setup Guide by: Tom Zadar. KK Flight Controller Board with v firmware. I am using this Flight Controller Board on my Walkera QR X

Manuals Details The ZYX-S high performance multi-function 3-axis gyro system is the lightest flybarless system in the world. It is compatible with all nitro or electric power helicopters and support 90, , , and degree CCPM swashplate systems. Furthermore, it is compatible with all types of servos; supports both digital and analog us, us and us servos. The setup process is quite easy, takes only about ten minutes. This unit also supports firmware updates.

This means not only can you use this with your S. ZYX-S 3-axis gyro system provides two different helicopter flight modes – F3C and 3D, which can satisfy pilots from beginners to advanced. It also now supports 4 additional aircraft configurations as well: This makes the ZYX-S a very versatile stabilization system suitable for virtually all types of aircraft. ZYX-S 3-axis gyro system has many adjustable options; pilots can adjust the parameter of swashplate and tail servo response, which allows the user to fine tune the handling characteristics of the helicopter.

This high performance 3-axis gyro system uses MEMS gyro sensors which allow the pilot to control the flying status of helicopter precisely. Built-in pirouette optimization function; stabilizes the helicopter while pirouetting, making the advanced maneuvers much more precise.

How To Build A FPV Racing Quadcopter

And good to see that I am not the only one, thanks for your reply. I have a somewhat extended setup with all UARTs in use right now: To have said this, another option would be to use the TX trainer port to connect a different module like FrSky or an LRS, but the trainer port is also where the FPV goggles headtracker connects to. I was hoping the FrSky support would soon be here, as people are saying good things about its range, compared to spektrum.

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How does it work? Well, it is quite easy. You can use your PC or laptop’s sound card to read the input of the trainer port. Get me going man! Right-click, you know the deal. On the first page the welcome page , click the next button to go to the installation location. You can use the default one, or choose one yourself. Just remember it, as you will need it later on.

Click ‘Next’ to continue. Select the start menu folder name and click ‘Next’ again. You may want to add a Desktop icon, which makes it easier to find it back. Check it if you like. Click ‘Next’ to show the summary page and finally click ‘Install’. The tool will also install the ‘vJoy’ drivers.

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These multirotors are all approximately in the mm range meaning they have a distance of about mm diagonally across the motors. In the last 12 months the mini multirotors in the mm size range have taken the RC hobby by storm. In fact, they can be flown just about anywhere. Adding to their popularity is the fact that due to the small size they are not as intimidating to fly and they are also not as expensive to build. So if you are new to multirotors you may want to be careful how you set these mini multirotors up.

What we are going to review in the following article is the Simple Copter Mini Vtail.

Standard receivers. A standard receiver is a receiver that is connected to MICROBEAST PLUS by using the single servo outputs of the receiver and connect them .

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UAV Wiring Harness for RC Receiver Cable

This article is made available for existing users. The last firmware builds that can be installed AC v3. The last firmware build that fits on the APM is Plane 3.

Germany: Munchen.

Here’s the power distribution part of the board. The flip side which is the top has the four wires necessary to interconnect the positive and negative poles. The laser cut fiberglass turned out to be really easy to disassemble. Wiggle the pieces a bit and they will twist loose with no problem. I used a pair of small pliers to snap off the little connector pieces. Here’s the power train, minus batteries.

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Simple Copter Mini VTail Review

LOL flying your wallet! Yeah, it can get expensive making mistakes with a Phantom. As constructed, here are the components: I painted the rear one red for orientation purposes.

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So lets get started. First off you need to hook up your board. Connect your receiver into the left pins as follows: If your going with any other setup follow this guide: Then click on the picture of the model you want your board to be able to control. Click yes if you are. Move the sticks about and you should see the bars move. To make sure that everything is moving the right direction follow these bullet points: Flight Mode CH 6:

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You can see in the picture that the last lower pin on the left of the board remains unused with this setup. I was finding the manual quite useless as it refers to a previous version of the quad. What the heck is yaw pot, I have no clue. Turns out the board referred to in the manual, which is different from the one I have, has 3 potentiometers for yaw, pitch and roll that can be manipulated with a screwdriver.

This does not apply to the kk2 board I have. These are actually 13 steps as number 8 is repeated twice and refers both to esc calibration and mounting propellers, see below.

Description. Flight Controller. Utilizing our proven GuardianTM technology, the Vector’s built-in, full featured flight controller is equally at home with both fixed wing (traditional, elevon, v-tail, etc.) and multirotor (quadcopter, hexacopter) aircraft.

There is a difference for binding a remote system with up to 8 channels and more recent XPlus systems with a higher channel count. Please obey the binding instructions for the different transmitter modules below. Use the button in the lower left to initiate pairing. Binding up to 8 Channels DSM2 or DSM-X Power off your transmitter Connect the satellite receiver to Pixhawk if already connected, leave connected Click on Bind in QGroundControl Power on your transmitter in bind mode commonly by keeping the trainer switch or the menu button pressed during power on The binding procedure will complete automatically.

Attempting to bind without the main receiver will fail. Connect the satellite receiver to Pixhawk if already connected, leave connected Click on Bind in QGroundControl Power on your transmitter in bind mode commonly by keeping the trainer switch or the menu button pressed during power on The binding procedure will complete automatically. Check that you see motion in the RC channels view Translations of this page:

KK2 Multicopter Controller board- wiring and setting up voltage alarm