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No White Men cannot jump kings. A sequence must capture the maximum possible number of pieces. If more than one sequence qualifies, the capture must be done with a king instead of a man. If more than one sequence qualifies, the one that captures a greater number of kings must be chosen. If there are still more sequences, the one that captures a king first must be chosen. It is mainly played in Italy and some North African countries. Sport[ edit ] The World Championship in English draughts began in The women’s championship in English draughts started in The women’s winners have been from Ireland, Turkmenistan , and the Ukraine.

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Due to this technical limitation, please be aware that searching for street addresses and names will sometimes retrieve incomplete or inaccurate results. You may wish to browse the directory images to verify your results. Henderson’s Directories can be used for many different types of research. Historians, genealogists geographers, teachers and others continue to find new ways to make the most of these digitized directories.

Tracing the rapid and substantial development of cities across the prairies Detailing the geographical location of businesses over their lifespan Studying the ebbs and tides of the development of residential and commercial spaces Discovering population and settlement patterns Observing the use of advertising within the directory, and seeing the changing services and products of a developing region The Henderson’s Directories developed as a business tool for rapidly growing towns and cities.

It was a means of providing information to potential business users both locally and nationally and even internationally, if one includes American business interests.

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Il y a actuellement utilisateurs inscrits sur le site. Voici quelques faits saillants. De Diane Bourgeois Perkins: Approximately, individual records have been added, and another existing records were modified. In addition I added many headstone, obituaries, pictures and documents associated to individuals in the database. I also did some work on entries from Massachusetts, Louisiana and New-Brunswick.

As always, they are very much appreciated. Activity on the site:

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Institutional Resources With the growth of modern administration, developments in information technology, and growing research pressures from social history, the humanities and natural sciences 5 and genealogy, the University of Alberta Archives is under increasing obligation to preserve records containing both personal and official information while, their rate of creation is exploding. Recognizing this enormous amount of information, the Archives will apply appraisal criteria to selectively acquire only records determined to best define the operations and experiences of the University in all its manifestations.

The Archives will appraise official records holding personal information on an individual office basis through records scheduling based on legislated authority. In addition, the University Archives will acquire non-official records according to the following appraisal criteria: Evidential and Informational Criteria 1. The creator’s profile must either relate to the thematic historical strengths of the University Archives’s holdings see 5.

Add this free website > to your list of essential resources for tracing your prairie ancestors. Created by the University of Alberta, Peel’s Prairie Provinces documents western Canadian history and the culture of the Canadian prairies through digitized newspapers, photos and more.

Studying Hunter-Gatherer Mobility Using Isotopic and Trace Elemental Analysis University of Alberta, This research comprises a series of papers to address the methodology of studying hunter-gatherer As a laboratory for this research, middle Holocene hunter-gatherer groups from Cis-Baikal, Siberia were analyzed as part of ongoing research by the Baikal Archaeology Project. The paper also presents groundwork for a new approach in trace element analysis of teeth for provenancing purposes.

The purpose of micro-sampling is to target bone micro-structures to access diagenetically resistant portions of the bones and to recover biogenic strontium isotopic and trace elemental data. Coupled with this map is an analysis of molars from 16 individuals recovered from small cemeteries distributed across the Cis-Baikal region. General characteristics of the geochemical environment and mobility patterns elucidated through further provenance analysis are discussed too. Finally, in paper no.

As theoretical and analytical considerations intertwine, the resultant inferences can provide astounding revelations about prehistoric populations. For the middle Holocene hunter-gatherers of Lake Baikal, Siberia, this approach provides valuable new insights and research directions. Dentin sections from contemporaneous tissues eg, in M1 and M2 reflect dietary signature for the time of growth. Published methods for determining the ages of incremental sections do not provide guidance for adjustment when poor alignment between individual tooth sequences is encountered.

Initiation ages for M2 and M3 were delayed.

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That includes the devices and software that support electronic literature, and other related issues. And so, good reading! Previously, making copies of media was illegal. Today, those laws officially go into effect. AMZN brings Kindle devices to the country. The e-books market in the country may almost double this year to as much as 1 billion rubles… Digital content sales platform Gumroad is launching an iOS app today to help authors and other content creators sell their work directly to consumers.

Yet dating advertisements can be a revealing site for examining the social construction of identities, and they can provide clear insights into advertisers’ idealisations of themselves, for example, in terms of physical attributes, age, personalities and interests.

Sina Don Mariano R. Marcos at Donya Josefa Edralin ang kaniyang magulang. Mayroong siyang tatlong kapatid, si Dr. Pacifico, Elizabeth at Fortuna. Ang kanyang ama ay naging kongresista ng Ilocos at gobernador ng Davao. Si Donya Josefa naman ay isang dating guro sa kanilang bayan. Limang taong gulang lamang siya nang pumasok sa elementarya sa Sarrat Central School. Siya ay iskolar sa buong panahon ng kanyang pag- aaral sa Pamantasan ng Pilipinas at naging kilala siya sa campus dahil sa sinasabing kahusayan sa debate at pagtatalumpati at maging sa larangan ng palakasan tulad ng swimming, boxing, at wrestling ay kinilala siya.

Nagsulat din siya sa Philippines Collegian, ang opisyal na pahayagan ng Pamantasan ng Pilipinas.


Early Burrowers Direct fossil evidence of animals from Ediacaran period—the time in Earth’s history just before extensive animal diversification in the Cambrian—is scant. However, the remains of animal activity in sediment, which remain intact through geologic time can provide clues about animal behavior and evolution. The complex morphologies of the fossil burrows suggest that these animals actively grazed and had the ability to burrow deep within sediments. Abstract Based on molecular clocks and biomarker studies, it is possible that bilaterian life emerged early in the Ediacaran, but at present, no fossils or trace fossils from this time have been reported.

Even with these assumption paleomagnetic dating is a useful tool for dating geologic objects. Due to its inherent ability to date essentially all rock types in a variety of geologic settings, paleomagnetic dating is particularly useful for areas with sparse or uncertain isotopic or biostratigraphic age constraints.

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Semantic field[ edit ] The words care, therapy, treatment, and intervention overlap in a semantic field , and thus they can be synonymous depending on context. Moving rightward through that order, the connotative level of holism decreases and the level of specificity to concrete instances increases. Thus, in health care contexts where its senses are always noncount , the word care tends to imply a broad idea of everything done to protect or improve someone’s health for example, as in the terms preventive care and primary care , which connote ongoing action , although it sometimes implies a narrower idea for example, in the simplest cases of wound care or postanesthesia care , a few particular steps are sufficient, and the patient’s interaction with that provider is soon finished.

We are going to keep the online dating sites and professional dating gatherings to another page – this one is strictly for outside of the box meetings – no bars either! We want to explore the elusive informal and impromptu single meeting places.

List of Requests for Material or Information Understanding invertebrate biodiversity is a tall order, something apparent to anyone who has attempted to bite off even a minute slice of this very large pie. Yet being able to identify organisms and determine the species composition of environments is not only an important activity per se, but is also pivotal to the understanding of ecology, endangered species, climate change, introduced and invasive species, and the environmental impacts of anthropogenic activities.

Knowledge of the biodiversity of terrestrial invertebrates has lagged behind that of vertebrates or even vascular plants. There are many species, some require detailed microscopic examination even of genitalia to identify them, the taxonomy of many groups is poorly understood, there are long and difficult learning curves to acquire technical proficiency in identification, taxonomic expertise is in short supply, and much of the primary literature is scattered in scientific journals published around the world over the past couple of centuries in a potpourri of languages.

Such obstacles have proved daunting to many who have contemplated aspects of this undertaking. Beetles Coleoptera are thought to be the most species-rich order of organisms in the world. A major step in understanding the beetle fauna of Canada was the publication in of the Checklist of Beetles of Canada and Alaska Bousquet This compendium was an important synthesis of information some published and some not , however, from the standpoint of the Maritime Provinces, the coverage it was able to provide was meager.

The authors of the various chapters relied, for the most part, on the holdings of the Canadian National Collection of Insects, Arachnids, and Nematodes CNC in Ottawa as well as published sources. Although there are many collections of insects in the Maritimes, some dating to the latter part of the nineteenth century, most have remained little known.

The quality of determinations if the specimens were identified at all varied greatly, and even when names had been attached to specimens, they often reflected dated nomenclature and taxonomy. In I became interested in understanding the beetle fauna of the Maritime Provinces. Only in this way would it be possible discern the biodiversity of beetles in the region, itself a necessary prerequisite to ecological, environmental, evolutionary, and other studies of the fauna.

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