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This listing represents a narrow search for companies that were known to be active in the bugle market in North America after the year Nearly every brass instrument and band instrument manufacturer of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century manufactured or distributed bugles. Technically, any company capable of producing a trumpet, cornet, trombone, or horn would subsequently be able to manufacture the bugle.

Elden Benge as a trumpet player and as a trumpet manufacturer was largely self-taught, although he was studying in Kansas City with William Eby. During the s, Benge began experimenting in trumpet construction. He was Principal trumpet with Detroit Symphony , and also was Chicago Symphony Principal trumpet when in Edward Llewellyn suffered an embouchure .

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It is a very responsive horn and I play it in big bands and small group settings. The engravings extend to inside the bell, I’ve never seen this on any other Conn before. It is a ML. Handy and his Conn 2B! Conn 2B Gold Plated Bb Trumpet Another late 20’s gold plated 2B Conn This one plays a bit darker and more open than the one above but I like them both, these 2B’s are one of the best designs Coinn ever produced in my opinion.

Check out the great engravings.

* Donald Benge was killed in a car crash in The above table was constructed based on the work of Joe Lill on his Benge Resource Page In a letter by Al Feldner, he reported a conversation Donald Benge stating that he started making horns in his basement starting with # in

Click on a box to sort the full inventory of instruments available by category Today’s Featured Horns Getzen Custom Model AFR Trombone I must admit, this is not a normal Getzen to me, it holds a special place in my heart this is actually my first professional trombone that my parents bought for me in at Zeps Music in Burbank. Oh the things I promised my parents to get them to purchase this trombone for me its something I will never forget, and actually a memory I still recall when I have young students come into my shop to purchase a new trombone with their parents.

I got into college on this trombone and played some of my most memorable performances in my young career on it. I sold this trombone in in order to fund my first Conn 88H after I fell in love with the Conn sound. It’s been well loved since then, serving its second owner well, who recently traded it in here at The Brass Ark to get something newer. So again, for the second time in my life, I offer my original professional trombone for sale.

Features a 2 piece red brass bell, thayer valve, wide orchestral weight slide. Threaded leadpipe receiver, with one leadpipe. The bell is raw brass, I stripped it myself when I started college at USC, as all the cool kids had raw brass bells. Still in very good condition, some normal wear on the neckpipe and slide from contact. I had a blow on it for old time sake and it is still a very nice trombone. If I didn’t own so many, I’d probably keep it but it should be passed on to the next player who deserves it and maybe in 20 more years it’ll come into the shop again!

Finished in 24k gold plate with a commemorative engraving and case.

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ReddIt One night in the fall of , in the midst of his unparalleled triumphs as a performer and music executive, Herb Alpert came apart. Onstage in Munich, Germany, with the Tijuana Brass, he was beset by a strange and terrifying sensation. He saw himself sitting in the third row of the audience. For the rest of the evening he watched as someone named Herb Alpert blew the horn.

He picked up the trumpet and could no longer play.

Here’s a Benge model 90B Bb Trumpet in real nice condition, serial # 5 , made in the USA. All valves & slides are excellent, work free & easy.

Brandenburg 5 with piano Uri Golomb wrote September 23, They are all fascinating, in their ways; but the only one I found truly convincing is, somewhat to my surprise, the Cortot. His treatment of the cadenza, revealing inner lines in a way that might not be possible on a harpsichord, was especially compelling. Would be interesting to hear how Perahia approaches this Eugene Istomin in , and Rudolf Serkin in c And there are several recordings of Gould playing that piece including one on video but they’re pretty deadly.

Not Gould at his best; the sparkle of that composition eluded him.

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Connect – Alumni Alumni of the Fullerton College Fine Arts Division The success and experiences of our alumni are two of our most treasured resources and give our current students permission to dream. We hope we instilled in our alums the capacity for working hard, enhanced their appreciation for art making and artists, and created a supportive environment in which they could develop their skills and attitudes about art.

Lastly we hope they were proud of the work you accomplished at Fullerton College. My Mother was there on a scholarship in sculpture and my Dad was studying commercial art on the GI bill. I grew up with art, began playing upright bass at the age of 10, and started painting the summer after my sophomore year in High School.

Benge Musical Instruments:: Home Working with two craftsmen skilled in the construction of the trumpet, Benge began to fashion trumpets in the basement of his home.

If you’re looking at this item, it means that you are interested in it. I try to sell things that are special, please enjoy your visit and purchase. There are two ways to purchase merchandise from me: At open sale Items are initially listed with a ‘buy it now or best offer’, giving you agreat opportunity to negotiate directly with me and acquire fresh inventory. Bargain hunters may wish to compete with other buyers in this format. Please scroll down for more pictures, and good luck!

This beautiful, and somewhat rare Holton Revelation features complete sets of High and Low Pitch slides, as well as its original gold plated Lyre, gold plated cleaning rod, and gold plated mouthpiece extension bit.

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Despite its success and the presence of exceptional virtuosi, the keyed bugle had to compete with new refinements in valved brass instrumentation beginning in the s. Not recognized as a military signaling instrument, the keyed bugle enjoyed immense popularity in the United States as a commercial solo instrument. Keyed bugle in B-flat — From the Museum of Fine Arts Boston.

European instrument designers began competing with each other for awards and patents that inevitably led to lucrative military contracts. Fierce rivalries occurred between Adolph Sax and many other prominent French manufacturers.

Benge Trumpet Fanatics has 1, members. The Benge Trumpet Fanatics group is a place to discuss, and buy/sell/trade Benge trumpets or items specifically.

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Benge 3X+ MLP SN# 6945 Burbank